Safe drinking water is fundamental to life.
KONTEC has more than 25 years of experience in making water safe.

Our story

Water Treatment Equipment Suppliers in Dubai, Water Treatment Equipment Company in Dubai

KONTEC Trading Co. is a company specialized in providing and Installing Water Treatment Equipments for over twenty-eight (28) years of market presence.

Our company was originally founded in Baghdad, Iraq in 1990 and has now established a well-known branch here in Dubai, UAE. We are proud to say that our company has already achieved a prominent place in the Water Therapy Industry. With the help of our efficient manufacturers together with our keen market apperception and leading developed consciousness we are able to meet the challenges of market requirements.

We have the unique advantage of supplying and installing the complete line of machines and equipment’s needed for producing healthy drinking water, for both domestic and commercial purposes. Possessing excellent trading reputation, we have established a better business relationship with Water Stores, Restaurants, Industrial Food Processing Plants, Bottled Water Plants, Medical Laboratories, Dental and Medical Clinics, Hem Dialysis Laboratories, Electronic Companies, Textile Companies, Government Municipalities (Municipal Water) etc., both in the local and international market. We already established a stable business relationship with our clients around GCC countries like Iraq, Oman, Jordan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Saudi Arabia and to other countries like Asia, Europe, Africa, Azerbaijan and many more.

We are devoted to our clients as the prominent water treatment equipment suppliers in Dubai, UAE. We provide domestic, commercial and industrial water treatment products in the market to accomplish the needs of our clients across the region. We are experienced in taking charge of complete water treatment plants and projects and catering to the customer-specific requirements.

We stand as a trustworthy water treatment equipment company in Dubai and offers a collection of products that include RO systems, filter housing, softener tanks, dosing pumps and many other. Our water treatment solutions are customer-centric and provide great user-experience meeting the quality standards.

KONTEC Comprehensive Capabilities
KONTEC will integrate its comprehensive capabilities in business, technologies and products and solve all water and environmental problems faced by customers with its collective strength.

A broad range of operations related to water enables KONTEC to offer comprehensive solutions. In addition to the water treatment chemicals business that contributes to the stable operation of utility facilities and their productivity enhancement, the water treatment facilities business for treating industrial water, and maintenance services applying know-how cultivated over the course of many years.
KONTEC aims to integrate these operations in the fields of water and offer total water solutions to customers.


KONTEC adopts the development of new technologies as its motto. KONTEC has investigated water thoroughly by deeply embedding technologies and has accumulated broad experience and technological know-how at water treatment sites for more than 25 years. KONTEC has given birth to technologies that meet a wide range of industrial and social requirements by searching for basic technologies that are indispensable for water treatment, such as those in the fields of membrane separation, ion exchange, biological treatment, polymer, slime control, electronic device cleaning and surface treatment, and by pursuing their unlimited possibilities. 


KONTEC offers full lineups of products by customer business category and the water system that needs to be treated. In the water treatment chemicals business, the Group offers an assortment of products that contribute to maintaining and improving efficiency in manufacturing processes for products, in addition to offering systems that supply water according to applications in respective industries, such as ultrapure water production systems and industrial water treatment systems. for achieving stable facility operation and optimum operational management to specialized water treatment equipment for general domestic use.

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